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What is Clean Beauty?

With so much discussion on ‘Clean Beauty’, this month I have been focused upon defining what clean beauty means to and what you should expect from clean beauty products.  My own beauty brand, Sakrid we have made a very clear definition: Sakrid Clean Beauty products are made with 100% naturally derived ingredients and include zero […]

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The Old Mentality…

Many of the personal care and cosmetics companies are still using the same recipes they formulated seven decades ago.  I’ve noticed that it’s quite common that the effects upon human health has zero consideration when as a society we become excited by a new wave of product indulgence.  Consider the tobacco industry, food cropping, and […]

Natalie Elliott Blog

Human Chemistry Set

It feels like the personal care and cosmetics industry are using us all as an experiment and we need to call this out.  In the 1990s Anita Roddick put an end to testing on animals.  I feel a deep calling for the new movement: putting an end to testing on humans!    Since Anita’s movement, we […]

harmful and questionable ingredients can be hidden within your every day beauty products

Hidden Exposure

Many of the products we use on our bodies every day are filled with harmful chemicals and toxins. This realisation was a life-changing moment for me.  I began logging the number of products I was using within my own daily routine. From waking to walking out of the door, I had used 35 different products.  Picking out one product, I wanted to delve […]

Education leads to realisation that not all ingredients are safe

Dawning Realisation

Before 2016, I hadn’t ever stopped to consider the ingredient contents of the self-care and cosmetic products that I was using on my body every day.  I was sucked in by the marketing prowess of the big brands and believed that I needed these products to make me look and feel like the best version of myself.  However, in 2016, two weeks before Christmas, my […]